What We Do

Soil Aeration – using compressed air allows minimal damage to permanent root structures. Great for trees & vines.

Treat Armillaria – by changing the environment in the soil to stop it spreading along the root system, getting to the cause of the problem not just treating the symptoms

Control Cicada’s Biologically – re-inoculate the soil with naturally occurring fungi and balancing the fertilisers. A nutritionally balanced plant will not attract insect pests.

Control Nematodes – – using nematode trapping fungi can remove a lot of undesirable nematodes from the soil by over whelming them.

Mycorrhizal Fungi Colonisation – well colonised plants are more resistant to disease and environmental stresses like drought, salinity and pollution. Also increases resistance to disease like Phytophthora and Armillaria. Improves fruit taste, dry matter and shelf life. Soil Carbon can increase at 1% a year in some soils if the balance is achieved.

Soil compaction –
The more research we do on soil compaction the more it points to being a simple lack of microbiology and mineral imbalance. The causes are numerous. Chemical imbalance, lack of organic matter, bad fertiliser management, poor drainage that destroys the biology, the list is endless and requires a holistic approach.

Soil Decompaction – using microbiology to enhance the machines work in the long term treatment of compacted soils. By adding nutrients and microbiology the roots grow down the cracks created by the machine. Soil compaction and a lack of biology are one and the same thing.

Integrated Pest Management – includes fungi and bacteria that will attack the pests in the ground

Biological diversity will improve the nutrient uptake by the plant