Soil Aeration

Soil Aeration using Compressed Air: Minimal damage to permanent root structures. Great for trees & vines.

Using compressed air to open the soil has some unique benefits.

The soil is lifted and cracked with minimal damage to the root structure. Two charge of compressed air is fired into the ground on the way down to a  600 mm depth below the surface to crack the soil open.

After these initial blast of air, a third low pressure mixture of air and fertilizer is injected as the spear travels up through the soil profile dispersing the product through the cracks created on the way down.

This method, unique to Air8tors, is proving to re-establish the soil biology much quicker than can be done by applying products to the surface. This has proven to be very effective at establishing Mycorrhizal fungi on the root systems of plants with a permanent root structure that can’t be ripped or ploughed.