Project Description

Fight PSA With Nutrition – Trial 2

Pukekohe Orchard.

PSA-Test-ComparisonsFirst signs were found in October 2012

This orchard got through to harvest with the size down significantly. Suspect that this is a result what products were  used to fight PSA.

This was a trial done with a control block. Two blocks showed signs of infection,  One was treated and the other left.  Both blocks had been subjected to the owners regime that seemed to bring it under control and got it through to harvest.

The sprayed  block had 2 of our sprays put on it 21 days apart.

( The same mix as had been used in the BOP. )

On inspection we found that there was no fresh exudates around the sprayed infection.  The control block had fresh infection in all the plants in the immediate area. This is the first time I have seen Psa  stop so clearly.

The difference was enough for the owner to spray the entire orchard with this mix.  1.7 hectares is being cut out to remove the 2 infection sites and the remaining 2.4 hectares will be left for another season.  Unfortunately our trial is now gone but not before we were able to see a significant change.