Leading by Innovation

  • Armillaria treatment and control
  • Phytophthora treatment and control
  • Specialising in Mycorrhizal colonisation
  • Microbiology directly injected into the soil using compressed air
  • Increase carbon and dry matter by improving Mycorrhizal fungi colonisation
  • Thatch control in pasture, turf and golf courses

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Based in the Bay of Plenty and all over New Zealand Air8tors specialise in using compressed air and Microbiology to improve soil aeration, organic matter and soil carbon.

Air8tors was setup in February 2002 by Clive Umbers to service the horticulture industry in the Bay of Plenty and has now covered most of the North Island at various times and franchised in Northland.

The business was established treating Armillaria and Phytophthora in the kiwifruit and avocado industries. Improvements in our methods have led to increases in yields and plant health in both conventional and organic kiwifruit orchards.

Having young children has become Clive’s driving force. The best way to improve our children’s future is to do something about the lack of nutrients in our food supply that is effecting the health of everyone around us. We are only as good as the food we eat!

Mycorrhizal fungi colonisation is our specialty. Our unique blend has established Mycorrhizal colonisation rates of 100% in 3 months. This is now leading to an increase in organic matter and Carbon sequestration in the soil.

We specialise in stopping the spread of fungal diseases like Armillaria and Phytophthora in the soil using compressed air to change the soil structure and deliver the microbiology directly to the root zone of kiwifruit, avocado’s, grapes and citrus.

Innovation has led to constant improvements and consistent results. Read our latest news